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Why purpose first?

Because doing things in the right order makes all the difference


See how purpose informs our process.

Results You Can See For Yourself

Explore recent projects and see the difference Lighting Follows Purpose can make. 

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Backed by 150 years of know-how and industry-leading partnerships

Graybar's Lighting Follows Purpose takes the guesswork out of finding affordable and quality manufacturers. We’ve vetted every last one to maximize trust, reliability and value while minimizing your risk and headache.

We have the products, skills and resources to manage your project from start to finish.

Our Approach

Every space has a purpose – it’s the who, what and how a space is used. 

Determining purpose first creates a clear framework for your lighting strategy, delivering results that accommodate each need of the space.

Though originally prioritized last, Graybar helped this Sioux Falls radio station realize the potential of their training room. Besides the energy savings, renovating this high-traffic area has led to improved productivity and first impressions. 

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Brighter days ahead for one broadcast team

“The fluorescent light buzzing is gone. The new light is a lot more even, and when you turn on the lights they’re bright right away.”

- Anthony Chabane, Maintenance Technician | 1-90 Fuel Service

“I was thankful for their professionalism, advice, and knowledge. Graybar was able to answer all of my questions."

- Michelle Blair, Director of Property Management | LPM

“Working with Graybar makes everything a breeze.”

- Jamie Fowler, Plant Maintenance Supervisor | Alabama Department of Labor

Is safety a primary concern?

Is your goal to enhance energy levels, moods and wellness?

Managing a tight budget?

Are you looking to create a fabulous impression?

Are you looking to transform your space?

I-90 Fuel Services in Sioux Falls uses its main training center to host potential clients, webinars and all-staff meetings. But flickering fluorescent lights limited the room’s full potential. See the difference Lighting Follows Purpose® made.

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Illuminating a training center’s full potential

After Before Slider |

When florescent lamps began to cause performance issues across the facility, leaders at Allen Tel knew they needed an upgrade. After an in-depth analysis of their space, Graybar found a solution that could provide ample, adjustable light at every workstation. 

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A bright idea to boost workplace productivity