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Graybar has been powering jobsites for 150 years. Whether your jobsite is large or small, we have the experience to help you be more efficient and profitable. 

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Unnecessary material handling can damage your profitability

Most electrical contractors see 40% of their electricians’ time on the jobsite taken up by nonproductive tasks.

Graybar helped two electrical contractors team up on the largest construction project in Minnesota's history, U.S. Bank Stadium - the home of the Minnesota Vikings.

Explore the virtual experience below and see all seven videos explaining how Graybar helped these contractors with:

  • Gear
  • Lighting
  • DataComm
  • Pre-Job Planning

Graybar's services can improve the efficiency and productivity of your next job.

Graybar SmartReel®

Fixture Cart

Kitting and Staging

Technical Specialists

Contractors report they complete a pull with half the manpower they would normally estimate.

In a time motion study, the Fixture Cart reduced time handling fixtures by 83%. 

Leverage Graybar to kit product the way you need it and deliver when you're ready for install. 

Graybar's technical gear, lighting and networking specialists can connect you to the right solutions.

Learn how Graybar's services made the difference

"Graybar helped us complete the project on time by keeping the material stocked, organized and delivering it on time."

Scott Corey
Gephart Project Manager
U.S. Bank Stadium Project

See how Graybar's services improved efficiency on the U.S. Bank Stadium.

Is your team bogged down with nonproductive tasks? 

Graybar can help your team be more efficient. Tell us about your supply chain challenge.





Most contractors are so busy "getting the job done" they don't have time to look for a better way of doing it.



  • Staging and Kitting
  • Project Management
  • Waste Management